Happy Tails

Every year the RSPCA rehomes around 70,000 animals - these animals arrive at the RSPCA out of various circumstances - they may be unwanted pets that have been callously dumped or victims of cruelty by their owners.

Anyone who has rehomed their pet from an RSPCA animal centre or branch can tell you what a rewarding experience it is to offer these animals a new lease of life.

These are just some of the Happy Tails of pets that have been helped by the South Bucks RSPCA Branch:

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Jet and his sister were both abandoned by their owner in the middle of January 2012.
His sister was heavily pregnant at the time. Jet as well as his sister and all her kittens have since been adopted.
Here is Jet now (a year later). He loves being out in the garden all day to enjoy the sunshine. He can also escape Twiggy's swinging paws! (Twiggy is his new 'friend' with whom he lives now)



Hallo every one again peoples!

It's Jasper here again - with another update on life with these humans. Well, it's been another fun year here - I thought I'd give my owners (owners? who are they kidding??) an early Christmas present - it was such fun to see them jumping around with excitement. THEN we got taken to the vet - I hate that bloke. I left him a little message to say so, but it seems we have to go back again. Got to sort this one - anyone any ideas? I thought humans liked fleas?
Did you know they've put a warning sign on the back gate - it says "Beware of the Cat", I'm looking for one that says "Beware of the humans". The annoying yappy dog next door seems to have quietened down now, I just sit on the fence and make faces at him, then when he rushes to get me I jump back into my garden. Have you ever heard a dogs nose crash against the fence? It's a nice squelchy sort of noise - deeply satisfying.
Well - they had another Christmas tree here again, this time I learned how to get the shiny ball things off and I enjoyed playing football with them, it got on their nerves I can tell you. Still, I got some nice cat treats from Santa again.
The other cat here sometimes sits in a little cardboard box now so I can't get her, so I have to hide on the top of the piano and jump on her when she comes through the cat-flap. We have a little rumble, David shouts at us, Akiko shouts at David for shouting at us.......never a dull moment.
I had my claws trimmed last night. I made such a fuss, but they still managed it. Oh well, better luck next time. I've attached some more photos, I hope you like them!
I hope you all had a Happy New Year - I got to go now, it's time for elevenses (they don't know it yet) and I need to look pathetically undernourished - it takes a while to get into character!

Bye bye for now - Love & kisses from Jasper

PS - what's all this white stuff on the ground? It wasn't half cold when I went outside this morning, didn't stay out longer than necessary I can tell you! Hee hee



Hi, It is two years tomorrow since I brought ‘Alfie’ home from you and thought I would let you know how he has been getting on.I am sure you have had many cats in your care since Alfie was with you but I hope you remember him, he was an older cat who had a broken jaw which was wired up. His claim to fame was making the RSPCA Facebook entry!I have attached some photos, two taken in February in the snow and one taken today of him where he drinks out of the bird bath on the patio just beyond my lounge windows – why is outside water always better than the bowl provided even if it out of the same tap!As you can see he is absolutely gorgeous and remains a wonderful companion. He has been 100% healthy despite his age and has finally become a regular ‘lap cat’ which is all I ever asked for!Believe it or not, on occasions he still uses the same paper box lid he was sitting in when I came to collect him from you. There are times when he has not used it for a while and I think of disposing of it and then he curls up in it again!
I hope all is well with you and please feel free to pass on this message to Joan whose e-mail address I do not have.
With very best wishes from



Hi, it's Izzy here
I just wanted to let everyone know how it's going in my new home, my new family are fantastic we go out for walks twice a day through the woods and into the fields.
They make a fuss of me all the time and teach me new things to do, the best thing about my new home is that I have a friend to play with her name is Rolo and we are always doing things together.
We went for a walk the other day and when we got back we fell a sleep in Rolo's bed she shares everything with me (She’s my best mate! ) well got to go it' time for my sleep but I will write again and send some more photos.

Lots of love
Izzy x

Jasper a.k.a. Dennis

Hallo again everyones! I thought you would like to know how I'm getting on with my new family? I've settled in here nicely now and there's lots to do, lots of people to annoy.....I like going up to the neighbours patio doors and look pathetic and hungry and hope they'll let me in. Sometimes it works, but no-one feeds me. I need to practice this a bit more. There's this one house where a nice girl lives and when I can, I rush in the front door, and run and run and run up the stairs and hide in her bed. Not on it, or under it, but right inside - it's soooooo nice and warm.
I'm getting on OK with my fellow housemate, but I often eat her food as well 'cos it looks tastier than mine.
There's other cats round here as well, and sometimes we get together for party party but we have to keep the noise down otherwise that rotten David throws water over us - really, wot a spoilsport he is.
Now - they had this strange green prickly thing - I think it's a Christmas tree, and there were all these presents underneath it (I got one from Santa Claus - who IS he?), and they put these pretty flashing lights on it, and these nice shiny ball things - weird - and every time I played with them, Akiko got cross. I mean - is it MY fault they fall off and break?
There's this horrible dog Ghost moved in next door - he barks so much - so no-one can go in their garden at the moment, but I'm gonna get him soon....
Well, it's time wish all you humans a Happy New Year and hope that all the aminals at South Bucks RSPCA soon get a nice new home like mine.
Bye Bye
Love from Jasper Cat face

Woody a.k.a. Mungo

A year ago this month we adopted ‘Mungo’ from South Bucks RSPCA. We renamed him Wilfred which has since been shortened to Fred and occasionally, other more colourful Anglo-Saxon names! He was in the poorest of conditions when handed over to the RSPCA but the love and care afforded him by Jenny, his RSPCA carer, meant he was well on the mend by the time he came to us. He is now a beautiful boy with a most wonderful temperament and loves the affection our 7 year old daughter lavishes on him. He also lives with two other 4 legged friends, they are Woody, another Heinz 57 dog and Poppy who we also re-homed from the RSPCA, but Woody and Freddie are special friends, no mischief too great for them but Freddie always at the heart of it, but we can never be cross as he shows so much remorse for crimes committed (3 kitchen mats at last count!). But his favourite pastime would have to be swimming or he will resort to bog snorkelling if no clean water can be found he really is not fussy! Favourite days out are to the seaside where he will stay in the water until shivering with cold. Freddie really is a special little dog who we are so grateful for as he brings so much joy. People say how lucky these dogs are that they have found loving homes but I think we are the lucky ones.


Paul, Tracy & Erin Pittuck

And Freddie, Woody & Poppy!!

Lil'B and Tinks

Almost a year ago Barbara and Tinkerbell arrived in our home, and we began a very challenging few months! Both Lil’B and Tinks came from unclear backgrounds, are both over 3 years old and had not met until they went to the foster home,  and to this day we still have the occasional spat!
Both were extremely shy and needed a great deal of love and attention to bring them out. Lil’B has also been diagnosed as being wheat intolerant, so we had a lot of visits to the vet and we were so pleased to have insured them both! Tinks likes to think she’s top of the family team, so is sometimes a bit stroppy, but a treat and a cuddle usually solves the problem!
Now, we have  two loving and friendly cats who are unrecognisable as the shy and traumatised pair who first arrived.
We would recommend adopting older cats to anyone who wants to help an animal who has been through a hard time. The rewards are amazing! 

Kind regards
Polly and Kyle

Cheerio and friend

Here is a photo of Fifi (grey) and Cheerio (tri coloured).   Our Inspector, Martin, brought Cheerio in to us in July.  He was pathetically thin because he had been starved and had only been fed on the breakfast cereal 'Cheerios', hence his name. 
At the end of September, after receiving lots of love and good food from fosterer Sue he went to live with Fifi and her family.  Fifi and Cheerio have bonded beautifully and Jane, their owner, says that Cheerio is a delightful rabbit and he is so gentle and kind to their young child.   This is a really happy ending for a rabbit who had had a very bad start in life.



Tori came to us when she was about a year old a Labrador/Airdale. A beautiful mixture but deep inside we think she always thought she was a pure bred lab! She came to us scared and obviously mistreated. It took along time with a lot of love for her to become a happy well adjusted dog.
We moved from Bracknell in Berks to Cornwall by the sea where she loved to walk on the beach and try to be a mountain goat trying to climb the cliffs.
She was an inherent thief [probably the lab in her] who discovered a love of all food which she would steal and hide away for later.
In 2004 we moved to Australia and of course our family would not have been complete without her so over she came too. What an adventure for her. Fortunately she was only in quarantine for 4 weeks.
She settled in Ocean Grove Victoria and truly became an Aussie dog with miles of beach to walk on every day.
We rescued another dog Barney when she was 10 which gave her a new lease on life.
Over the years she has given us much laughter and love and never asked for anything in return [except an endless supply of food and hugs]
She became unwell this year with cancer and we nursed her for 7 months. A strong determined dog she would still amble down the beach but would always perk up when a handsome male retriever was nearby......she was the original cougar.
We finally said goodbye to our beloved Tori last week. She was surrounded by her family and slipped quietly to sleep. She is now home with us where she belongs resting under the willow tree at the bottom of our garden.
Everyone thinks their dog is special but she truly was. We couldn't have asked for more, a dog who knew her own mind, stole food, never listened and did her own thing but a truly FANTASTIC dog with a big heart.
Thank you for allowing her to come into our lives.
The vet did not charge us for putting Tori to sleep so we have donated money to the RSPCA here in Australia. No doubt we will end up getting another rescue dog in the future to keep Barney company not just yet though.
thanks once again for all the work you do.
Linda Barber (2010)

UPDATE: 13.02.11

Just an update. Barney our staffy cross recue dog missed Tori so much he stopped eating and suffered separation anxiety [he would howl and cry if left alone] He was put on Prozac but our vet said "what about another dog' . I did not think we were ready but off we went to the local RSPCA lost dogs home and found Ruby! A 5 year old English Pointer, had been used as a breeding bitch and now was no longer wanted.
That was 8 weeks ago. What a delight she has become. Her first week she spent hiding under a blanket, she still had milk poor thing. With lots of love she has come out of her shell. Discovered how to play, eats with abandon and loves Barney [no more Prozac for him].
 She is a delight and testimoney once again that Rescue dogs are a fantastic option. Here in Australia they only have 2 weeks and then they are euthanased. Ruby was on death row. So glad we found her. Still miss my Tori dog so much but Ruby has gone some way to easing that pain.
Attatched a photo of a very happy Ruby and Barney on the main beach with my husband.
 take care and thanks once again.
Linda Barber (2011)
Jasper a.k.a. Dennis


Hallo everyones!
My name is Jasper - it used to be Dennis...... - I am a little Birman sealpoint cross cat, but why I'm cross I don't really know, especially as I now have a lovely new home with some humans called David and Akiko (she's from Japan you know). It's sooooooo much better than the cardboard box I was found in at the RSPCA shop in Princes Risborough. 
I live in a nice new house, where there is another cat called Poppy who doesn't really like me - yet. 
I love the food here - it's great, but sometimes I have to go and bite David's toes at 5.00am to wake him up to feed me HA! HA! Another game I absolutely LOVE is when Akiko is doing her make-up (WHY does it take so LONG?????) then I sometimes jump on her and bite her hair! Laugh? She can't half scream, I tell you - worse than me! 
I also love running up and down the stairs, up and down, up and down, up and down, then I stick my head through the bannisters and when they come to me to give me a kiss, sometimes I pretend to bite them, sometimes I do actually bite them, they love that....I think. One day there was this AWFUL noise, someone said it was the burglar alarm and I had set it off - well really! I did think it was funny when this car arrived with a pretty blue flashing light on top - have you ever seen one? The two people inside were laughing.........eventually. Then David bought two tickets for a policemen's ball, still trying to work that one out. 
Well, that's enough for now, I'm going to try to tunnel out so I can play in the garden. it looks fun out there, and I can see a fence I am sure I can jump over.
Love and kisses from Jasper


Squeakles and Patch aka Peppa and George...
We adopted these 2 beautiful boys April 2009 and have not looked back since. When my son and I went to see these guinea pigs from our local foster mum Janette, I was very surprised at how big guinea pigs were. After lots of begging from my son "mum.. please can we have them" we choose to adopt them. We had a large hutch built and a 6ft x 8ft run. These 2 guys love cucumber and hugs in the evening.
Many thanks
Simone and Oliver Hathaway
An Unusual Story ...




Early in July last year some boys found two little kittens in an alleyway and they were brought in to us to foster. Marian took them in, but although only about 6 weeks old they were petrified of humans. It soon became apparent that Leo and Midge, so named, were feral and spent their time spitting, cringing and hiding, Marian, who is an expert on rearing, spent hours trying to gain their confidence, but as time went by it became a certainty that we would not be able to rehome them in a domestic situation. However, they loved other cats and kittens and spent all day playing with them within the confines of the pens.

In February this year Marian came to me with a great idea. She had a 'Wendy' house used occasionally for isolation, and modified they could have this as their home. A cat flap and small chicken run were fitted to one end, It was then positioned in a quiet corner of the garden and they were moved in with their beds, toys etc. After a month they were very happy with their new home and one evening found that the door to a whole new world had been left open.!.......Freedom with a 'bolt hole'..........food and T.L.C every day as before.
It was just amazing how well and how soon they adapted..........now, nearly 4 months later they spend hours in the garden and love playing  with Marian's 11 cats.!! It is lovely to see them, and although still very wary of humans will take a treat from Marian... at arms length.
Tia the Staffie....



We collected our staffie pup from her kind foster home four weeks ago. Her paws already placed on the path to becoming a lovely pet: basic training well under way, and responding well to her handler and her name“ Tia. We did not change her name. We would not change her.

Quickly, she endeared herself to us and convinced Pickle, our eight year old dog, to befriend her and show her the ropes. With Pickle beside her, she took walking on and off  the lead in her stride - a cattle grid proved more of a challenge. And with Pickle for company, from the very first, she has slept through the night.

Tia loves playing: with toys, with Pickle, with friends - human and canine; in the park, in the garden, anywhere. She also loves cuddles, praise, and …. food! She hates puddles, the garden at night (we need a torch), swans (they hiss from big puddles), and …. being scolded!

Tia is cute, bouncy, boisterous, curious, vocal, apologetic, submissive, and gentle. She has clumsy paws, velvet ears, a wrinkling brow, and twinkling eyes. Her wish is to please.

Some say Tia is lucky to have found us: we think we are lucky to have found Tia.(2009)

Love from
Tony and Teresa


Not long ago I was lonely, thinking I’d never have a home,
a kindly little mum and dad, to call my very own.

But a nice lady looked after me, and she was very kind,
she made me a promise, a family she would find!

I waited very patiently, the days they came and went,
and each day I prayed a special one be sent!

My foster mum took a picture of me, and smiling dashed to the car,
Charlie she shouted, I’m gonna make you a star…!!

Then one day I heard your voice, it sounded strong, soft, yet sweet,
and I made a dash towards you, skidding on four feet.

I knew in a heartbeat ….. I knew you felt it too,
especially when you said,
“We’ve been wanting a dog like you.”

So just like that, and one makes three!!
destined for a life of luxury!!

I want to shout but I'm high on a cloud
coz my name’s Charlie
loud and proud! !

Created by DPE, Copyright IRIS 2005  Created by DPE, Copyright IRIS 2005

TJ the Alexandrine Parakeet

From Dennis the ACO (Animal Collection Officer):

Mrs Jane Herbet, who lives in Oxford, recently discovered that her pet parrot ,who she had had for five years, was making her existing lung condition a lot worse. She was " ordered" by her doctor to rehome the parrot or risk having her life shortened by its presence. I heard about it a while ago when she was trying to sell it...I made it known that we could help find a good home for TJ. This is where South Bucks came in. I spoke to Liz regarding TJ & within days she was contacted by a lady looking for a tame bird to fill her home with "some noise" & company!

Well it was a match made in heaven! I delivered him today along with his cage and buckets of toys!! TJ's new home, Sharon Bakers' house, is very similar to the one he left...just a bit posher! in no tiem TJ has settled down....by the time I left he was saying hello and asking for tickles !! (2009)

Roxy a.k.a. Dinkey....

Dear All

I have to write and say how wonderful everyone at the South Bucks RSPCA are.  Throughout the adoption process they have been very tentative and kind whilst maintaining the puppies interest as priority one.  Sarah the hand rearer has done a fantastic job, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, you do such a wonderful and often  thankless job!

I have attached 2 photos, this is of Roxy (aka Dinkey) the English Bull Terrier x, we adopted her on 19th December and these pictures were taken as it is her first snow outing, very exciting for her and our other dog Bobby.  Bobby (the Staffie) adores her and is playing the big brother part really well.    We are very happy with her, and believe she feels the same.  She is starting to recognise her name, although I think she thought it was ‘No’ or ‘Leave’ for the first week :-)  She has grown a fair amount over Christmas, and whilst she still has the adorable round belly I am pleased to say she has got taller and her belly hasn’t got bigger!

We have also met the people who adopted her sibling Lilly as they also live in Princes Risborough. We will get the pups & dogs all together in the next few weeks and hopefully they will grow up knowing each other, and friends.

Anyway all the best for 2009

Rebecca Scott & Nolan Sawyer
Princes Risborough

Happy Bunnies! Peggy & Eddie ....

The vets phoned me to say that Peggy had been handed over to them by her owners.   She had been limping for 3 days and when the vet turned her over the bone in her back leg was sticking out.   The only hope for her was to have it amputated.  Her owner said she only cost £25 - put her to sleep.
WE paid for her to have her leg amputated and she came to me for nursing.  Every time I went near her she whimpered and had obviously been roughly treated.
She made a wonderful recovery and went to live with Alfie a rabbit we had homed previously to this wonderful family.   Sadly 4 weeks ago Alfie died.
The Hunt family came back to me for another rabbit and I chose:
Eddie was one of 16 rabbits (2 mothers and 14 babies aged between 3 and 7 weeks dumped in a box in Risborough Woods in January.  Andy, an ACO, went to catch them.   By 4 o'clock it was pitch dark, and although he knew one was still left her could not see to catch him.   Andy went back at dawn, and there huddled under a bush, wet and freezing was 3-week old Andy.   We called him Andy after the ACO.  
We were not sure whether he would survive but he did.   A very timid bunny I had to wait for the right home for him.   Then 10 months later along came the Hunt family and I new that he had fallen on his feet.
Peggy ( I had called her Minxie because as she got better she got into a lot of Mischief) duffed up poor Eddie at first and didn't like him at all.  But as you can see from the photos there is a very happy ending.


A Bit of a Handful!!!! (Lizzie, Annie, Angel, Lilly, Dinkey & Pinkey)    
10th October 2008

It would seem appropriate that after attending a first class Seminar on Neonatal Care at the Harmsworth, the South Bucks Hand Rearing Team took on six puppies and three kittens on October 3rd, less than a day old.
Heidi and Sarah have three puppies each which were rejected by their mother after a caesarean section. They are English Bull Terrier/Jack Russell - white, coffee/white, and dark brindle. The kittens are short haired black, and black/white found under a hedge beside their dead mother, and now being fostered by Elaine.
All the babies require two hourly feeds throughout 24 hours, and after each feed are stimulated to pass urine and faeces. Warmth and isolation are essential together with the strictest hygiene, in fact an animal I.T.U!! Without Colostrum (mothers milk), their immune system is very poor so they have to be watched constantly for any abnormal signs, and the taking of temperatures and weighing are all part of a daily routine.
Despite all the time, care, and attention of our dedicated team it is not easy to get them through to weaning, and as they say 'we win some and we lose some'. However, this does not dampen their enthusiasm, and if only10% survive there is great jubilation and all the reward that they seek.
10th November 2008       ~Update~
Sadly, we lost one of the puppies and two of the kittens, but the others are thriving. The puppies are now weaned, and are very strong and full of mischief. Lizzie the kitten is tiny and still needs her bottle, but is running around,  into everything, and growing fast.
As you can imagine our fosterers become very attached to their charges, and although delighted when they are eventually rehomed do shed tears at the parting.



Tiggy & Pandora's Story ....

In September I decided I wanted a cat. I was shocked to see how many animals need a home at the RSPCA, so I contacted Janet and she arranged for me to see Marion who fosters the cats. She had Tiggy my first cat I adopted, he was a tabby, I fell in love with him instantly. After my home visit I went and picked him up, he is a great cat and gives me so much joy to be around. I decided to get a play mate for Tiggy, always wanting a long haired cat, I called Janet after seeing Pandora on the web site for the RSPCA. The same day Pam called me and then I spoke to Marion to see if Pandora would fit in, she said yes!
So I went to look at her yesterday (13th Nov) and took her home the same day, she is slowly settling in but I know she will be happy and well loved .I want to say a big thank you to Marion for giving them the best chance at starting over and I would never get a cat from any where else now.

Thanks from Jodie , Tiggy and Pandora xxx


Bill & Ted a.k.a. Scooby & Chappie


To everybody who looked after us at South Bucks,

We thought you might like to know how we are getting on in our new home.

Well we like it here a lot: lots of walks, lots of food and lots of cuddles.

We have new names now which we are quite used to. Scooby is now Bill and Chappie is now Ted. We also have smart new collars and tags.

When we first got here we were very, very excited and it took us a few days to calm down, we even had some nasty fights with each other but now we've had our operations we only play fight. We are still very energetic and playful though, and rather naughty. . . As you know - we like our food and they tended to leave things out on the side here and we just couldn't help ourselves. . .  packets of butter, unguarded sandwiches, even a raw potato (but that wasn't so nice).

Little Ted, who was a touch on the thin side when we arrived, is now looking very well.

Sometimes we get into trouble because we are naughty boys when it comes to chewing things up and we make a lot of mess, but we keep them entertained and we always give them a very warm welcome when they arrive home so we think they love us anyway. Ted, particularly, likes to present them with a gift when they come in, a bone, a piece of cardboard or empty packet, they always seem very pleased with it. They laugh at us all the time for some reason!!

A couple of weeks ago we visited a lady in a field who tried to show our new owners how to make us sit and lay down when we were told to.  Bill was fairly
good about this but Ted found the field smelt too interesting and there were geese  nearby which were distracting. All in all, Ted does find it hard to be
still and focus, but it was jolly good fun anyway. We are practising at home for a bit and then we'll go back and see her again.

Some days we go out in the van and get taken for our walk somewhere different. When we go to the park we jump in the stream and paddle but it's a bit cold for that now. We both have little warm coats, Bill's is green and Ted's is red.

We have a big garden to run about in, and dogs next door who we sniff through the fence and bark at.
On Saturdays we visit some old people who are very nice to us. When we first went to their house Ted jumped on top of the table all laid out for tea and
everyone shouted out "No no Ted!" but each week we go there we get better and better.

So we think we'll stay here if they'll have us, but we'd like to thank you for making
sure we were looked after before we came here, so here are some nice
photographs of us.

Love Bill and Ted



Pumpkin, Poppy and Primrose ~

We adopted Poppy and Primrose in spring 2007 as tiny babies. Their foster mum told us their mum had been abandoned just before Christmas with a litter and was already pregnant with another brood of which these two little girls were part. We took them home when they were old enough and we fell in love. Poppy was the runt of the litter but you could not tell now and what's more after Pumpkin she is the next one down in the hierarchy of the piggies!

We are so hooked that this spring we expanded the hutch and adopted Pumpkin, he had come to the RSPCA with a Rabbit and after a little op to make sure we did not have lots of little piggies, we took him home. He now has his nice little harem of ladies including our fourth piggy Petal who we gave a new home to after her mum was rescued by the Hounslow animal trust.

They now have an enormous run on the lawn which my hubby likes as it means that they trim the grass for him. The piggies love it and we often watch them playing follow my leader or just tearing around and around just for the fun of it. We also keep Pumpkin's coat trimmed a bit as it helps us and him keep it looking nice.

My three human girls now want to have yet more piggies! I expect that we will expand again very soon and be asking Heather at South Bucks RSPCA to adopt again!

Thank you for trusting us with these wonderful Guinea pigs. They fit really well into our family and give us great joy. They obviously love being here too as they seem so happy and contented.



Sooty - A Story of Patience & Endurance ~

On 11th of February 2008, we at South Bucks RSPCA had a call from Crossroads Surgery to say that they had a very young cat brought in from a R.T.A. The left front leg was severely damaged- a nasty double fracture and all the skin and tissue completely gone plus damage to the paw. It seemed inevitable that Sooty would lose the leg but after some consultation it was decided to try- without much hope- to save the limb.

After a long operation which involved pinning in two places, heavy dressings and copious amounts of antibiotics he was taken home by Angela (one of our fosterers) and confined in a pen, as absolute rest was essential.

Sooty was taken three times a week for dressings during February, every five days during March, once a week during April and May, and finally twice in June. Each time he had to have a general anaesthetic as the pain would have been extreme. Gradually the wound closed, the pins removed, and on June 19th , he paid his final visit to the vet.

During all this time he was a model patient, very loving and sweet natured (even at the vets !!!!!!!!!). It was now time for rehoming, but Angela and family could not part with him and he was very attached to them, so he stayed and has just had his first outing. Amazingly, the only sign of his trauma is a slight limp and a distorted claw, but this does not stop him being very lively and playful. Everyone involved deserves a very big thank you for their time, care and patience.



Basil the Crimson Rosella ~



Basil came to the South Bucks RSPCA in November of 2005, up until that time, he had spent at least 10 years locked up in a tiny, filthy cage with little food or water.

Basil was suffering from malnutrition which had left him almost totally blind, his beak was soft from a calcium deficiency, his little body was bare apart from a few feathers, his breast bone stood prominent due to starvation, he had no flight feathers nor tail feathers & very few body feathers as a result of feather plucking – all that remained of his former glory was a bright red crimson head.

Basil has been in our foster care ever since, although he still nibbles his feathers out of habit he is covered in fluffy grey down & proudly displays his new flight & tail feathers. The frightened & quivering bird that first came to us has been replaced by a beautiful & brave boy. Basil now spends his days interacting with all his bird friends, he fell in love with a yellow cockatiel called Splodge, he sings songs, LOVES a bath & is disgusted if his daily treats bowl doesn’t contain celery or strawberries!

He is most certainly making up for lost time!



Holly & Cassie ~

We were lucky to get Holly from the RSPCA when she was 12 weeks old. Our cat had been killed by a car and we were looking for another one when we saw Holly advertised on the cat page of the RSPCA website. It must have been fate as we had always wanted a Border Collie but previous work commitments meant that we would not have the time to walk such an active dog. Now that we run a dog walking business (K9helper) we decided we would be able to give Holly a good home with our other 2 dogs and 4 cats. She settled in really well and is a delightful and highly intelligent dog. She is now progressing in obedience training at the Dog Training Club and shows great promise. A few weeks later we had a call from the RSPCA to tell us that they had rescued Holly's mum from the puppy farm and would we like to go and see what Holly will be like when she grows up. Cassie (or Shyla as they called her) had been used as a breeding bitch on a puppy farm and was lying in deep mud when she was rescued. When they brought out Cassie the first thing Dave said was "How do we go about adopting her?" Well I think I was as surprised as the RSPCA worker who brought her out and I was giving Dave "the look" which said "are you mad". However I could see that he had made up his mind and nothing was going to change it. We had already been home checked for Holly so they told us we could take Cassie there and then. After signing the forms and paying the donation we put her in the car and set off home. We only got 50 yards down the road and she was sick. By the time we got home she had been sick about 5 times and I was thinking that maybe we had made a mistake. She was really nervous and stressed so we put her in our outside kennel and gave her a couple of days to settle down. She has now been with us for 6 weeks and is the most placid, loving and obedient dog we have ever had. The pleasure we have gained from watching her flourish and play with her pup daily is indescribable. People tell us we are so good to give these dogs a home but we are the lucky ones to have them. We cannot thank the RSPCA enough for rescuing them and allowing us to adopt them.
Helen and Dave Simmonds



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