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*** WARNING: You may find some stories, content or photos on this website upsetting  ***

Do you want to adopt a pet?

At any one time, the South Bucks RSPCA has hundreds of animals looking for loving new homes...from large mongrels to tiny hamsters - and everything in-between.
Please remember that pet ownership takes time, money, commitment and patience - owning a pet is likely to change your life completely.

Click on the pictures below to view pets up for adoption:                   

Small Animals





The South Bucks RSPCA has re-homed thousands of animal, which are unwanted pets, victims of cruelty or pets that need re-homing because a new baby has arrived, or their owners have had to move, are getting divorced, or may even have died.

Before the Society can allow anyone to adopt a pet, an interview is carried out. This gives most new owners the chance to think about what they are about to do, and helps ensure the animal is going to the right home.

Each year the RSPCA re-homes around 80,000 animals, and last year South Bucks RSPCA re-homed 261 dogs, 205 cats, 139 rabbits, 37 guinea pigs, 8 gerbils, 6 ducks, 4 hamsters, 3 chickens, 2 rats, a tortoise, a parakeet and a canary.

All cats and dogs are neutered as well as micro chipped before, or soon after they arrive at their new home.


Our aim is to ensure that all animals we re-home will be safe, happy and loved for the rest of their lives.

        Think carefully about why you want a pet, its a huge responsibility.

        What sort of pet suits your lifestyle and where you live?

        How much will it cost?  Items such as bedding, veterinary bills, insurance and food will need to be purchased.

        How much time will your new pet need?

If you are house-proud then dog hairs may not appeal! If you work full time then a pet requiring time and attention would not be suitable, if you live on a busy main road it would be suicide for a cat to be re-homed in such an environment.

There are many reasons for having a pet, they are fun, loving, and give so much pleasure, it is our job to make sure we find the right homes for the right pets.

The animals on this web site are available for re-homing, if you don't see the animal for you then please register with us, we can keep you updated as new animals arrive.

Think first!

Please remember that pet ownership takes time, money, commitment and patience - owning a pet is likely to change your life completely. If you find an animal you want to offer a home to South Bucks RSPCA will need to make sure the animal is suitable for your circumstances. This process will include a home visit.

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